About the Brand

Slowdown Clothing, founded in 2011 by tattoo artist Tony Ciavarro, has a rich history that dates back to his teenage years. At the age of 15, he started creating t-shirts under the name Tonster designs. In 1996, he began drawing tattoo flash under the same name. This experience led him to learn the art of tattooing and embark on a global journey, showcasing his talent through tattoos and artwork. T-shirts have always been a prominent feature of his work, alongside books, prints, stickers, and more, all showcasing his distinctive style. In 2011, Slowdown was born, a name that reflects his tattooing philosophy of taking things slow and enjoying life. With the support of his wife and son, who both contribute to sales and modeling, Slowdown has become a family brand. The designs have also evolved, transitioning from tattoo-inspired motifs to inclusive art that celebrates creativity. Slowdown believes that creative individuals are essential in preventing a dull and uninteresting world. Their motto is "Don't Hate, Create

photo by @beegats